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Krups XP5620 Espresso pump Krups XP5620 Espresso pump Krups XP5620 Espresso pump

Krups XP5620 Espresso pump

Price: Rp.4,490,000 Rp.3,800,000
Brand: Krups
Product Code: XP5620
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The XP5620 has a built-in tamping system, so you just turn the group handle to the desired position
When you're ready to make coffee, you need to make sure that the 1.1L reservoir has water in it, and that the machine is up to temperature, by looking at the indicator light. You can warm up your cups while you're waiting using the cup warmer on top. There's 89mm of room underneath the group handle, so all but the largest of mugs will fit; our test mug went under with no problems.
With the machine warmed up, you just have to put the coffee into the group handle, turn it to the correct position and turn the control handle to the coffee symbol.
Coffee initially started pouring out at the right rate, but part way through the flow started to reduce and we were left with more of a dribble towards the end of the pour.
Espresso started to pour slowly towards the end, and we got a very thin crema
This meant that we were left with very thin crema, which was far too white and lacked the reddish-brown colour that a good espresso has. We tried again, but adjusted our grinder to produce a courser ground. This time, the results, were much better. The XP5620 still started to reduce the flow part pay through the pour, but it made less of an impact. We ended up with a thicker, darker crema, although it was still a little too light for our liking and slightly bubbly where the coffee poured in.

  Product Features

Premium design
Premium silver and grey casing
KRUPS Tamping System
Patented system for optimal aroma extraction and consistent espresso, ristretto, long coffee and Americano coffee
Compact Thermoblock System
1450W system with stainless steel tube for rapid heating to optimal temperature
Faster water heating process and water circulation minimises limescale build-up
Ease of use
Steam nozzle for milk frothing and liquid warming – easily detached/dismantled for cleaning
Universal filter holder compatible with ground coffee and ESE pods
Easy cake ejection system for clean and efficient coffee cake disposal
Technical specification
Manual pump espresso machine
15 bar pump pressure for the perfect aroma and flavour extraction
Demitasse cup warmer to maintain espresso temperature upon contact
Removable stainless steel drip tray for easy cleaning (dishwasher safe)
Universal filter holder
1.1l capacity removable water tank
Auto shut-off
Dimensions: 29.5L x 23W x 30.5H (cm)

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