Mad Catz GLIDE6 Gaming Surface / Mousepad G.L.I.D.E. 6

Price: Rp.370,000


Glide 6


The Mad Catz GLIDE 6 satisfies the key requirements for tournament gaming: Large size; excellent sensor tracking for both optical and laser sensors; low friction; portable; easily cleaned; curable and comfortable

Mad Catz GLIDE 6 Enhanced Performance:
3D Surface

  • Provides superb sensor performance for Avago and Pixart image-based sensors
  • Great scattering performance for Philips’ Doppler lasers
  • This performs even better than our previous best-in-class (GLIDE 9 – 23% better performance)
  • Extremely low friction results in a smooth glide sensation with minimal drag
  • Additionally the custom cloth weave provides even friction in the vertical and horizontal axis – no matter which way you move the mouse you get the same level of friction and feeling.

Mad Catz GLIDE 6 Enhanced Comfort:
Dual layer manufacture process means the ultra-accurate surface is cushioned by a thick and stable silicone surface

  • Utilises a vacuum hot press production method which bonds the cloth surface to the silicone base
  • This creates the perfect edge where the cloth rolls over the side of the mat and doesn’t fray with wear.
  • The edge finish also makes it very comfortable on the wrist

Easily Cleaned

  • Most gaming surfaces get very dirty very quickly
  • The Mad Catz GLIDE 6 is water resistant, meaning it can be quickly and easily washed to remove any dirt and return it to peak performance.


  • Premium hybrid gaming surface
  • High-Grip silicone backing for dependable stability
  • Heat-bonded 3D cloth surface enhances sensor performance by 400%
  • Ultra low-friction –tuned to achieve smooth mouse movement with effortless control
  • Ideal of tournament use –Portable, water-resistant and easy to clean.


  • 395 mm x 315 mm x 2mm


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