Playseat Gearshift Holder Pro

Price: Rp.1,050,000
Brand: Playseat
Product Code: Accessories
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Playseat® GearShiftHolder PRO

Looking for a gearshift holder that can keep up with the most intense race games? Playseat® presents the GearShiftHolder PRO for the sim racers that demand only the best and require gear that's ready for the most extreme and exciting games! 

The Playseat® GearShiftHolder PRO is compatible with all gear shifters on the market and with the following Playseat® racing chairs: Playseat® Evolution, Playseat® Revolution, Playseat® Champion, Playseat® Air Force, Playseat® Gran Turismo, Playseat® Forza Motorsport, Playseat® Forza 4, Playseat® WRC and Playseat® SV game chairs, highly adjustable and usable both right and left of the chair. 


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