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Enter the Suora, the newest keyboard from Germany-based Roccat. At $100, the Suora enters the crowded mechanical keyboard market by keeping things simple -- sweet mechanical action, blue backlighting, key remapping and a game mode. Other than that, it's a minimalist board made for maximal gaming. Let's take a look. 

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the keyboard when I took it out of the box was its weight, because it’s quite a bit heavier than what I’m used to. But then again, it won’t be sliding around either, which is a major annoyance if you write as much as I do. Additionally, when you’re in the midst of a heavy gaming session, the keyboard will stay in place and won’t slide around the desk, which will be quite a relief to some.

Roccat stayed true to its Teutonic roots and adorned the Suora with metal wherever it could, which explains the keyboard’s weight.

The next thing I noticed is the frameless design. Roccat has plastered this feature all over the Suora’s marketing, and it gives the keyboard a sleek look. There is almost no empty space on the actual board, which takes some getting used to. In the beginning you will occasionally hit the wrong key by mistake but will get used to it within a few hours.

Heavy Metal

Roccat stayed true to its Teutonic roots and adorned the Suora with metal wherever it could, which explains the keyboard’s weight. But the metal also gives the keyboard durability; you won’t need to buy a new keyboard every year. Additionally, it makes the keyboard a little bit smaller, which I like as it encourages good finger positioning and delays carpal tunnel syndrome for the hard-core gamers.

Just belting out this article, my fingers glided along like it was nothing. I was able to crank up my words per minute by a few. Roccat boasts special anti-ghosting tech on the packaging, and they weren’t lying. For those that haven't joined team-mech, just daily typing makes the switch worth it, to say nothing for improved gaming. 

The switches are "TTC Browns" which are Cherry clones. They had better travel than the typical budget Kailh switches found in competing budget mechanical keyboards, though it's hard to say how they rank compared to the standard Cherry switches or slightly smoother Gaterons -- keycaps, construction and much more play a big role in switch feel. But the TTCs didn't seem to have any downsides, so fear not about purching non-Cherry switches. 

Game On

Of course, writers aren’t the group Roccat had in mind with the Suora; this keyboard is geared toward gamers, and I really like the features they added for that group. For one, the block of six keys over the arrows — such as Ins, Del, Home — has a dual function; they’re also hotkeys for specific commands that you can input.

Additionally, on the keyboard is a Game Mode key, which changes those keys from regular use to game use when pressed. You can bind these new functions to whatever you like, and I have to say it’s a pretty cool function. However, the Game Mode key is kind of awkwardly placed over the alphanumeric keypad. Also, as a strategy gamer I often find myself using the home, end and page up and page down keys a lot, so this gadget doesn’t really apply to me.

Ordering Off The Menu

The customization of these keys can be found in the Swarm menu, which is the operating system Roccat designed for the Suora. It should auto-install when you plug the keyboard in, but if it doesn’t there’s also a CD included with the packet.

I have to say I really like the menu; it’s just a few tabs and you can find whatever you need easily without burrowing around like you have to in some programs. I also like it because it gave me the option to turn down or turn off the keyboard’s bright blue lighting, which got a little on my nerves after a while.




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